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Prostate Implosion: The Anatomy of A Plague

Friday, July 24th, 2009

prostateProstate cancer is set to become the largest killer of Australian men by the end of this decade and yet the vast majority of men have no idea about what this little gland even does in our bodies let alone how to look after it! This article is designed to correct that situation and will attempt to answer several questions including (more…)

Self Empowerment in Paradise

Friday, July 17th, 2009

norfolk-island-farmlandThere are a great many growers who recognise that their current farming practices are not sustainable. They have seen the degradation of their soils and the increased need for fertilisers and farm chemicals. They have often felt discomfort at applying toxic chemicals to their livestock, soils and plants, but above all they have seen their profitability diminish in the face of constantly rising prices. They often feel shackled to the spray rig and believe there is no escape from the treadmill. However, there is an escape and this “alternative” is rapidly becoming a major force in farming. Biological agriculture is currently the flavor of the month, in fact, it may well prove to be the saviour of 21st Century agriculture. (more…)

Home Garden Happiness

Friday, July 17th, 2009

graeme-vege-gardenI often argue that the home vegetable garden is the ultimate wellness tool. In a world of bastardised, denatured, industrial food, the vege plot represents a rare opportunity to reclaim responsibility for your own nutrition. The production and consumption of home grown food offers more than forgotten flavours and nutrient dense medicine, it can also serve as a meditative communion with nature to sooth the inherent stress of Century 21. (more…)

Salt as a Wellness Solution.

Friday, July 17th, 2009

salt-nutri-saltSalt has shaped civilisation from the beginning. Homer called it a divine substance and Plato linked these pale crystals to the gods. Wars have been fought over salt and salt taxes have secured empires and inspired revolutions across Europe and Asia. In fact, it was Gandhi’s salt march in 1930 that initiated the overthrow of British Rule in India. The horrendous 500 year Salt Famine in the Dark Ages resulted in multiple killings for the purpose of drinking the salty blood of the victims. This is what inspired the early vampire legends. Unprocessed natural salt is a super food absolutely essential to the health of us all but when it is bastardised to make industrial table salt it is a very different story. (more…)

The Role of Boron: Much More Than a Synergist

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

avocado-flowerAmerican consultant, Gary Zimmer, coined the term “Calcium the trucker of all minerals and boron the steering wheel” and he correctly highlighted the critically important, synergistic relationship between these two minerals. It is a simple fact that you will be disappointed in your lime response if your soils are boron deficient because calcium does not provide its many benefits in the absence of boron. (more…)

Beating Obesity Before Birth.

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

pregnant woman, obesity before birth

There are now over 20 million toddlers who are considered obese and this represents a looming health crisis which is evidenced by a 500% increase in Type 2 diabetes in Australian children during the past decade.  How do so many young children become overweight so rapidly?  I immediately conjure images from my first visit to an American Super-Mall, where it was so common to see plump 2 year olds in their prams with a can of cola in one hand and a pink donut in the other. However it is more than this. (more…)

Age Proves No Barrier To Paradigm Shift – Enhancing The Yates Legacy

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

yates-logoThe greatest pleasure I have found during my 16 year involvement with biological agriculture is to witness a re-awakening of a passion in growers who have embraced this approach. Our work comprises the biggest part of our allotted time on this planet and it is one of life’s essentials that we thoroughly enjoy our chosen profession. If you are not having fun in your work then find something that moves you, because life is simply too short to compromise! The “sparking” process, where growers are inspired to make a change, can happen at any stage in your life. The only limitation is a closed mind. In a world of rapid change the only thing certain is change and, in this flux, an open mind becomes a prerequisite to survive and thrive. (more…)