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Golf without Grief

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

biological golf courseNTS is a pioneer in biological golf course management and there are now many leading clubs around the globe working with these principles. I found it hard to become excited about recreational turf initially, as it seemed a frivolous digression from my work in improving animal and human health via the soil. Teaching new turf tools to green keepers seemed a paltry achievement in comparison to training food producers to lift their game. Then, I thought beyond a better playing surface and realised that there were changes we could encourage that would also reduce environmental impact while minimising chemical contamination of course workers, surrounding estates and the golfers themselves. (more…)

A Passion For Healthy Food – Interview with Matt Biggs

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

matt biggs is a biological farmerNorfolk Island is a 10,000 hectare patch of Pacific paradise with rich volcanic soils, idyllic national parks and glorious beaches. The people of this island share the strong sense of community that is so sadly missing elsewhere in this trouble world. There is no imported fresh produce permitted here so the food producers on the island literally become stewards of their community’s health and many of the local growers have recognised the significance of their role. I have visited Norfolk Island several times over the last two years to educate the local producers about the benefits of biological agriculture. (more…)

A Problem Solving Case Study

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

biologically farmed ginger

A system dominated by chemical solutions that treat symptoms rather than address root causes is destined to falter at some point. We are seeing this fatal flaw in the current health care crisis. More drugs are prescribed each year and yet degenerative disease continues to grow and our bulging hospitals are struggling to cope with the flood. The pharmaceutical “solution” is anything but. Last year, prescription drugs became our fourth largest killers. There is a similar bankruptcy in the management of plant and animal health. (more…)

Biological Lawn Bowls – Jeff’s Journey

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Jeff the biological farmerThe bowls club on Norfolk Island is situated in the main street across from the only shopping mall in town. Jeff Pledger has been the greenkeeper there for nine years and is so passionate about his profession that he happily works seven days a week. Jeff toiled below ground as a miner for 35 years before deciding that it was time for a change. He embarked on three years of horticultural training, as a mature student and, after graduating, was able to secure a sought-after position as steward of the only bowling greens on Norfolk. (more…)