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Ten Foods to Forge a Healthy You

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

healthy girlEating your way to health and longevity will outperform supplements because superfoods contain all of the co-factors and synergists that ensure maximum nutrient performance. Supplements will always be a poor substitute for real foods, but what is “the real thing”? No it’s not cola with your burger and chips. Here are some genuine “defence foods” that we could all embrace as an inexpensive, but highly effective, wellness strategy. (more…)

Record Breaking Biological Farming Course – Upcoming Dates

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Ten years ago, author/consultant, Graeme Sait, researched and developed the first Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture course and, along with a team of highly credentialed Agronomists, presented the information to a group of fifty farmers. Since then this four day learning opportunity, supported by a 360 page manual, has gone on to become the leading course of its type in the world. Thousands of growers and consultants have now been trained in four continents and the accolades have been many. The former head of the USDA organic division has referred to it as “the best course I have ever attended” and the CEO of Woolworths in South Africa has called it “essential training for all food producers on the planet”. Attendees regularly rank it at 10/10 on their post course evaluation forms and this unique educational event is invariably sold out at every sitting. (more…)

10 Second Health Tips – NTS on Facebook

Friday, August 27th, 2010

NTS HEALTH on FacebookWe have just decided to become part of the networking revolution on Twitter and Facebook. I am learning how to be punchy and concise to be able to deliver something memorable in just 140 characters. It is quite a challenge when I have always had free reign to write as many words as I felt for my hundreds of articles to date. On Facebook we will be offering a daily wellness tip on a wall entitled “Ten Second Health Tips” and that concept will be replicated on Twitter. The name relates to the fact that it takes just ten seconds to absorb this valuable information each day. (more…)

Five Keys to Success in Organic Farming

Friday, August 27th, 2010

organic farming1) Lift Your Quality – Organics has a reputation for idealism, which can be good motivation but bad business. Consumers should get more than chemical-free when they buy organic. They should get forgotten flavours and extended shelf life to justify the premium, and this is all about nutrition. If you are deficient in zinc or boron, all of the compost in the world won’t correct that deficiency. You need soil and tissue tests and good advice to sponsor a quality-driven, precision nutrition approach that will bring the customer back for more. NTS are world leaders in soil and plant nutrition. (more…)

The Anatomy of Greed – An interview with Jeffrey Smith

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

At a recent Acres USA conference I was particularly impressed with a keynote presentation by the International, bestselling author, Jeffrey Smith. His integrity shone through and his research was exceptional. He agreed to the following interview and we spent a fascinating afternoon together. Jeffrey is the world’s foremost expert on the dangers of GM food. He has consulted with world leaders on this issue and has been often quoted in leading media outlets including the New York Times, The Washington Post and Time Magazine. (more…)

Helping Plants to Fight their Own Battles

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

bio-mangementAn article by Sonja Burger. “Steer clear of the ‘there’s a problem – let’s-throw-a-chemical-on-it mentality’,” warns Graeme Sait, Australian expert on high-production sustainable agriculture.  Sait, the CEO of Nutri-Tech Solutions in Australia, recently spoke to farmers in Paarl about alternative methods to control disease and pests. In vineyards across the world an unseen battle plays itself out every year. A Botrytis cinerea spore lands on a grape vine. The fungus inadvertently releases its signature protein, its natural calling card. Foliar receptors in the grape vine pick up this calling card and bind to the signature protein, setting off a cascade of biochemical responses. (more…)

The Other Side of Weeds

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

weed sprayerAn article by Sonja Burger. Weeds have suffered from a bad reputation for centuries, and often undeservedly so. Yes, they can reduce crop yields and quality, harbour pests and diseases, taint milk, contaminate wool and poison livestock. But, they are often not given credit for colonizing bare soil and preventing erosion, for loosening up hard soil and transporting nutrients from the sub-soil.  Their role in scavenging and conserving nutrients such as nitrogen and sulfur, which might otherwise leach away, is often ignored. (more…)

Education in Paradise!

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Biological agriculture in Norfolk IslandThere is a very special NTS event scheduled for 27th Sep – 1st October.  Some of you may be familiar with my love affair with a little volcanic island called Norfolk, located 150 minutes from Brisbane in the emerald blue pacific. I was originally sponsored by the Norfolk Island government to educate local growers about sustainable agriculture and I have returned several times for seminars over the past two years. Then, last year we decided to conduct one of our four day certificate courses on the island and that proved a resounding success. (more…)

Our Human Health Portal

Friday, August 6th, 2010

We have spent the last few months developing an innovative online health store which offers a great shopping experience coupled with vital wellness information. Discovering our unique natural products is much easier and our simplistic checkout procedure should make ordering more pleasant. Our Wellness Centre will launch very soon; opening a world of free recipes, articles and hours of inspirational video from top health (more…)

The Top Ten Biological Farming Strategies

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

In this article we will look at practical implementation of biological farming principles focusing upon the strategies that are proven to deliver greater yield and quality while reducing the need for chemical intervention. The following summary can serve as a box ticking audit of your progress along the biological path.  (more…)