NTS launches ORGANIC Home Garden Products

backyard boost, organic home garden fertilizerWe are excited to launch two new ORGANIC products in our home garden range.  These Backyard products are simple to use, cost effective and will provide visible results.  If you are a keen gardener and have been looking for an optimum organic fertiliser then the Backyard products are ideal.

Backyard Boost is a multi-purpose concentrated liquid fertiliser containing ideal levels of essential plant nutrients along with a range of other trace elements.  This organic blend will optimise soil and plant health in your garden.

Backyard Blooms is a perfect partner to Backyard Boost which will optimise flowers, fruit and vegetable quality in your home garden.

These products are also available as a twin pack – Backyard Box.

To order:

Order from your local NTS Distributor or contact NTS on +61 7 5472 9900 or contact us.


5 Responses to “NTS launches ORGANIC Home Garden Products”

  1. roy simmonds Says:

    could you please give me some information about this procuct.
    What’s in it that is different or better than other liqiud fertilisers on the market.
    thank you Roy

  2. Graeme Sait Says:

    Roy, These products are designed to provide broad spectrum nutrition along with beneficial biological inputs in an organically certified blend that has not been seen before.
    You can find further information here (http://www.google.com/url?q=http://www.nutri-tech.com.au/downloads/product_information_sheets/Life-Force%2520Home%2520Range/Life-Force%2520Backyard%2520Blooms%2520-%2520Organic.pdf&sa=U&ei=7TZ0TZWMGom2vwOLk4G-AQ&ved=0CAMQFjAA&usg=AFQjCNHpoMDNWc0bS0uYgo51Qipuo4xIUQ) and here (http://www.google.com/url?q=http://www.nutri-tech.com.au/downloads/product_information_sheets/Life-Force%2520Home%2520Range/Life-Force%2520Backyard%2520Boost%2520-%2520Organic.pdf&sa=U&ei=7TZ0TZWMGom2vwOLk4G-AQ&ved=0CAkQFjAB&usg=AFQjCNHlyeFisje9c5sSAIm4-R8qAzJucQ)

  3. Arthur Plottier Says:

    Could you please give me some comparision in performance and cost efficiency between Liquid Force Backyard Boost and Life Force Total Cover?
    I am under the impression that Total Cover is a more potent product for high density vegetable in the backyard.
    Also which Kelp based product you recommend to use in conjuction with one the above products to assist pest resistance.
    Your inputs are appreciated.

    Thank you, Arthur

  4. Graeme Sait Says:

    Hi Arthur,
    Nice to hear from you. You are correct in your assumption that Total Cover is the more potent of the two. However, the BYB is more appropriate if you are planning to use our mycorrhizal product called Platform. These creatures perform better when the are not supplyed with soluble phospate ie the phosphate in BYB is based upon micronised guano andis much better suited.

    My favourite kelp option is Stimulate as it also contains soluble fulvic acid which can boost plant immunity.

    Warm regards

  5. N Dawson Says:

    I was wondering where I could get hold of some of your Myco Force product for home use. Do you have any distributors on the Central Coast near Gosford? I have frangipani rust and read that your product might be a good biological treatment. I’d rather use yours than spray chemicals.

    Many thanks for your time.


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