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Is Glyphosate Sustainable? – A Closer Look At The World’s Favourite Farm Chemical

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Glyphosate was invented and patented in the mid seventies by the Monsanto Corporation and marketed as “Roundup”. It became their flagship product until the patent expired in 2000. The lower priced generic glyphosate products should theoretically have decimated sales for Monsanto but they cleverly introduced their genetically modified “Roundup Ready” crops to maintain their market share. This technology involves the purchase of the treated seed and the required amount of Roundup. Roundup sales have actually increased in line with the widespread adoption of Roundup Ready crops in the US and elsewhere. (more…)

Monthly Growing Tips

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

1) Build CaBSi Into Every Program – No, I’m not suggesting that you offer more support to the taxi industry! It’s about a trio of key minerals that should be an integral part of your crop nutrition. Calcium (Ca) boron (B) and silicon (Si) are synergists and together they represent proactive cell strengthening that will reduce both disease and insect pressure. The two minerals that can effectively create a protective barrier (a strong cell wall) are calcium and silica and both of these minerals need boosting in most of the crops with which we work. The key to harnessing their protective power is boron (more…)

Surviving The Big Wet – Countering Climate Change

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

storm over agricultureThe spectre of global warming often evokes images of widespread drought but this is not the case. The predictions have always been for changes in precipitation. Some areas will receive more rainfall and others less. Unfortunately, the major broadacre cereal belts around the globe seem destined to become drier while many tropical and subtropical regions will become much wetter. In my region of SE QLD we have had the wettest year in recorded history and the torrential rain continues unabated amidst widespread flooding (an area the size of Germany and France combined, is currently underwater). (more…)

Laughter Matters

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

This is a new column in the e-mag based upon my constant search for humour to include in my seminars. Those of you who have attended these events will know that I try to combine inspiration and education with humour in an attempt to inject some oxygen into overworked brains. Some of my jokes can be a challenge for the faint hearted but they are funny if you share my weird sense of humor. In each Nutrition Matters I will include my favourite for that month and this may involve rewriting of the joke and a little embellishment. (more…)