Latest Human Health Articles

We now host our human wellness related articles on our NTS Health branded website. If you have an interest in holistic health, I highly recommend visiting our Wellness Centre. This inspiring, free resource contains a library of videos, articles and recipes from the leaders in alternative medicine and lifestyle coaching.  Here are the latest interesting pieces:

The Goldilocks Effect: The art of nutrition management involves getting it “just right”. Dose rates are often the key to performance.

8 Tips to Get Your Mojo Back:  Do you feel that you have lost your sparkle? Do you barely remember what it feels like to be bursting with energy?

Tips to Remain Dementia-Free: How do we avoid becoming a grim statistic in this ocean of mental malaise?

Reclaiming the Youth Hormone: In a world where we live longer but often lack quality of life, there is every motivation to strive to thrive…

Boost Your Brain and Get Ahead (Video presentation by Dr Helena Popovic): The emerging field of neuroplasticity has shown that our brain can change its own structure and function.

The Death of Desire (Video presentation by Graeme Sait): A healthy sex life is a prerequisite for a happy, fulfilling relationship and yet a great many of us have lost the desire.

Healthy Soils, Hardy People, Happy Planet (Video presentation by Graeme Sait): This timely presentation highlights the profound connection between soil health, human health and planetary health.

Go Ahead, Laugh! (Video presentation by Anthony Ackroyd): This is a must-see presentation from one of Australia’s leading comedians…