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Steve’s Question Time

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

We receive many queries from around the world on a weekly basis and I sometimes have the opportunity to check out the responses from our technical team. Steve Capeness is my talented co-presenter at seminars around the world. He is also our Sales Manager and an accomplished biological agronomist. I have decided to include some of Steve’s comprehensive responses to questions in Nutrition Matters, as they can also serve to educate our readers. This is the first of what will become a regular feature. (more…)

Free Recipe for DIY, Super-Productive Microbe Inoculum

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

lactobacillus1The dictionary definition of the word “science” is “adherence to natural laws and principles”. Nature has all of the answers and we were supposed to learn from her, rather than think we can do better. A prime example of this “learning” potential relates to the role of anaerobic organisms in human, animal and plant health. For some reason there was little enquiry into Nature’s broader intention when considering the presence of multiple strains of lactobacillus on the surface of every leaf. (more…)

Nutrition Farmer Of The Month – First Winners

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

limesDavid and Kim Hunt grow limes near Maryborough in Queensland. They are relative newcomers to this industry so they attended the four-day NTS Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture course to bring themselves up to speed with the most productive strategies for high-production, sustainable horticulture. They also decided to enlist the help of accomplished biological orchard consultant, Heinz Gugger, who farms stone fruit and persimmons, biologically, near Amamoor in South-East Queensland.

This package of empowerment through education and informed guidance has proven very productive. The orchard of 2100 trees was producing just 30 tonnes of limes when they purchased the property two years ago. The yield this past year had increased to 100 tonnes and the focus is now on improving quality rather than yield. (more…)

Research Reveals Benefits from Higher Humate Rates

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

humatesNTS Soluble Humate Granules™ have proven to be the flagship NTS product amongst our large and diverse product range. In over 40 countries they are our most successful Nutrition Farming® input. All we have to do is encourage a grower to trial the combination of soluble humates with their fertiliser and they will immediately see the benefits. We call it our “door opener”, because it never fails and invariably the grower returns to ask “what else have you got?”. (more…)

Non-hybridised Vegetables & Seed Saving for Your Food

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

heirloomI often describe the home vegetable garden as the ultimate wellness tool because it can provide fresh, chemical-free, nutrient-dense food that is often not readily available elsewhere. It is a primary tool that allows the reclaiming of responsibility for our own health because we now control a major source of our food.

Minerals, microbes and humus are the drivers of healthy vegetable production, but there is another factor that can increase the medicinal value of our food. This factor is often overlooked in the nutrition equation, but it can make a real difference. The vast majority of commercial vegetable seedlings and seeds are now hybridised and, while this might increase profit for seed merchants, it is not necessarily a benefit for consumers.

Managing the Q Fly Menace

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014
The Queensland fruit fly is spreading south. It is the pest that makes me think twice before eating stone fruit because of the systemic sprays involved in the chemical control of this pest. However, there are other management options, including the following:


The Nematode Nemesis – Seven Secrets for Mastering Nematodes

Monday, February 10th, 2014

nematodeChris van Laarhoven is part of a talented team of biological agronomists in Holland called Hortinova. The innovative group is rapidly becoming a European leader in this dynamic new science, as they pioneer new crop monitoring tools and plant and soil management strategies. Chris acknowledges that his life changed after attending one of the first of many NTS seminars in Holland. He has since developed as an accomplished biological crop consultant working in both Holland and Germany. During my recent visit to Holland, Chris was gracious enough to grant me an in-depth interview (more…)

In Defense of Albrecht

Monday, February 10th, 2014

albrechtDuring a recent visit to my farm on Norfolk Island, where I wrote this issue of Nutrition Matters® magazine, I received an email from a NZ consultant who was concerned about the validity of the Albrecht soil balancing approach. He had just received a copy of an article from an English soil science journal where the cation balancing philosophy was questioned. The author of this article concluded that the many thousands of growers and consultants who have embraced this approach are seriously misguided. I wrote back with a detailed response, which I have decided to share in this edition of Nutrition Matters (more…)

Biological Lawn Bowls – Jeff’s Journey

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Jeff the biological farmerThe bowls club on Norfolk Island is situated in the main street across from the only shopping mall in town. Jeff Pledger has been the greenkeeper there for nine years and is so passionate about his profession that he happily works seven days a week. Jeff toiled below ground as a miner for 35 years before deciding that it was time for a change. He embarked on three years of horticultural training, as a mature student and, after graduating, was able to secure a sought-after position as steward of the only bowling greens on Norfolk. (more…)

New Film on Sustainable Agriculture & Biological Farming

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

A trailer for a new film currently in development called “We Are What We Eat”. Features a great lineup of speakers including: Charles Walters, Elaine Ingham, Gary Zimmer, Graeme Sait,  Allan Savory, Joel Salatin, Malcolm Beck, Mike Amaranthus, Wes Jackson, Arden Anderson, Jeffery Smith, Dr Mae Wan Ho and many more! Check out this short clip, you won’t be disappointed . (more…)