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Humus Saves the World

Monday, April 29th, 2013

planetFollowing my recent address to a crowd of climate change activists on the steps of City Hall in LA, I was flooded with urgent enquiries about the spelling of a word I had used several times during my presentation. I immediately assumed that word was “mycorrhizal”, as this truly is a spelling bee special. To my amazement, the mystery word was “humus” and I was shocked to realise that my uncommon passion for this wonderful substance was just that. It was horrifying to realise how disconnected from the source of our food many of us have become. I was dumbstruck to think that the very life blood of our planet could remain anonymous. (more…)

The Other Side of Weeds

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

weed sprayerAn article by Sonja Burger. Weeds have suffered from a bad reputation for centuries, and often undeservedly so. Yes, they can reduce crop yields and quality, harbour pests and diseases, taint milk, contaminate wool and poison livestock. But, they are often not given credit for colonizing bare soil and preventing erosion, for loosening up hard soil and transporting nutrients from the sub-soil.  Their role in scavenging and conserving nutrients such as nitrogen and sulfur, which might otherwise leach away, is often ignored. (more…)

The Secret of Calcium Success

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

American author/consultant, Gary Zimmer, has made an important contribution to high-production agriculture with his book “The Biological Farmer”. The book summarises thirty years of research and practical experience and includes several new findings not previously considered in this arena. Perhaps the most significant of these relates to the efficiency and performance of calcium – the king of all nutrients. (more…)

Nutrition Farming® is the Approach For Your Future

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

The Nutrition Farming® approach is being developed as the industry standard for increased yield of nutrient-dense foods, obtaining longer shelf-life and achieving premium prices. Nutrition Farming® is all about working from the soil up and improving the natural balance – mineral and biological. (more…)

Light from Rocks to the Root-Zone

Friday, September 5th, 2008

American scientist, Professor Phil Callahan, has identified a subtle energy called paramagnetism. This energy has been shown to enhance root development and stimulate the multiplication of beneficial micro-organisms. Paramagnetism is the capacity of the soil to receive, store and convert electromagnetic energy from the atmosphere. Somewhere in the world there are at least 2000 to 4000 lightning bolts per minute. The lightning creates an energy source in the atmosphere, which is present as ELF (extremely low frequency) radio waves. Paramagnetic material acts as an antenna to receive and store this ELF energy, but it can also convert this energy to another form – light! (more…)

Beating the Chloroplast Count

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

Biological farming is about sustainability, profitability and new-found enthusiasm, and it is based on working with nature rather than against her. The proactive bio-farmer drives the crop cycle with a confidence based on knowledge and understanding. The master of the growing craft appreciates the holistic essence of crop management. Often complex interrelationships can be better understood within a framework. Key concepts should be identified to develop an umbrella perspective. The key concepts in high-yielding agriculture are not calcium, humus management or soil balance, as we might suspect. The single most important determinants of yield are in fact chlorophyll and photosynthesis. (more…)

Shuttle System Shines – Shuttle Chelation has No Limits.

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

The unique ShuttleTM chelation system continues to grow in popularity ten years after it was originally introduced to the Australian marketplace. There are a number of features which differentiate this nutrient delivery system from other forms of chelation including the following: (more…)

How to Plant a Tree

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Tree planting techniques to ensure rapid establishment, avoid transplant shock and promote maximum growth. Renowned siviculture specialist Matt Kilby from ‘Trees for Earth’ demonstrates his strategy for success.


The Phosphate Equation

Friday, August 15th, 2008

PhosphateThe unparalleled, 100% price increase in DAP/MAP in just a few short months has generated shock waves throughout agriculture, as reality bites and growers begin to understand that peak oil means peak prices. Prices for urea, pesticides and diesel have also risen considerably but it is a special set of circumstances that is responsible for the massive blow-out in prices for the world’s largest selling fertilisers, DAP and MAP. Key contributors include a 400% increase in raw material costs combined with reduced manufacturing plants (linked to rationalisation) and huge demand due to the US ethanol boom. Energy price hikes have also contributed to the blow-out. The upside of this dramatic increase in production costs is that many growers are now forced to re-evaluate the efficiency and cost effectiveness of their phosphate fertilising. In doing so, many have realised that unstable, acid-treated phosphate, where up to 70% may be lost to lock-ups, was dubious value at $650 (AU) per tonne but it is an extremely poor investment at double that price. Let’s look more closely at the phosphate investment in crop production – let’s look at how this mineral works in the soil and in the plant, how we can increase the efficiency of phosphate fertilisers and how we can reduce costs without loss of production. (more…)