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A Management Approach to High-Production Sustainable Agriculture.

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Sometimes it can be interesting to chart the birth of an idea. During the preliminaries to a seminar series with American author / consultant, Gary Zimmer, I inadvertently cast myself in the role of training provider, facilitating Farmbis refunds for seminar patrons. This seemingly simple process evolved into a marathon, comprising hundreds of working hours negotiating the difficult terrain surrounding six separate State Government agencies and satisfying their varying requirements. There are often unanticipated benefits from the most tedious of exercises, and in this case I was forced to consider our approach in a different light to help qualify for the subsidy. (more…)

The Nutri-Tech Triple 10™ Range

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Market leaders in sustainable agriculture, Nutri-Tech Solutions, have allocated substantial research funds to the development of a revolutionary, new breed of liquid fertilisers. The Nutri-Tech Triple Ten™ range combines the best of conventional inputs with cutting-edge organics, to provide a unique high-production option for both fruit and vegetable producers and broadacre farmers. A base formulation has been appropriately modified to produce a crop-specific range, which now includes individual blends for a wide variety of different crops, ranging from avocados to zucchinis. Triple Ten™ is a breakthrough in liquid nutrition. (more…)

Shuttle System Shines – Shuttle Chelation has No Limits.

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

The unique ShuttleTM chelation system continues to grow in popularity ten years after it was originally introduced to the Australian marketplace. There are a number of features which differentiate this nutrient delivery system from other forms of chelation including the following: (more…)

The Phosphate Equation

Friday, August 15th, 2008

PhosphateThe unparalleled, 100% price increase in DAP/MAP in just a few short months has generated shock waves throughout agriculture, as reality bites and growers begin to understand that peak oil means peak prices. Prices for urea, pesticides and diesel have also risen considerably but it is a special set of circumstances that is responsible for the massive blow-out in prices for the world’s largest selling fertilisers, DAP and MAP. Key contributors include a 400% increase in raw material costs combined with reduced manufacturing plants (linked to rationalisation) and huge demand due to the US ethanol boom. Energy price hikes have also contributed to the blow-out. The upside of this dramatic increase in production costs is that many growers are now forced to re-evaluate the efficiency and cost effectiveness of their phosphate fertilising. In doing so, many have realised that unstable, acid-treated phosphate, where up to 70% may be lost to lock-ups, was dubious value at $650 (AU) per tonne but it is an extremely poor investment at double that price. Let’s look more closely at the phosphate investment in crop production – let’s look at how this mineral works in the soil and in the plant, how we can increase the efficiency of phosphate fertilisers and how we can reduce costs without loss of production. (more…)