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Finding Your Feet – Using Your Soles as a Cleansing Tool

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

The Chinese call the feet the second kidney in reference to their role in detoxification. The feet contain over 2000 pores, which can serve as pathways for both the uptake of nutrients and removal of waste products and contaminants. When your socks smell it can be evidence of the body detoxing via the feet. In fact, the more they smell the higher your toxic burden. Conversely, your feet can be used to fast track nutrient uptake. The regular soaking of the feet in a footbath with warm water and two tablespoons of magnesium oil, for example, has been shown to be more effective at (more…)

Jerry Brunetti Interview – Part 3

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

During a visit to New Zealand with close friend Jerry Brunetti, I could not resist combining business with pleasure by taping a marathon seven hour interview/conversation for possible inclusion in my next book. Jerry is one of the world’s leading consultants in holistic agriculture and he has become something of a guru in human health in recent years. Here is the third installment of this mammoth effort. I trust you will enjoy it. (more…)

Margarine Madness

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

The mass move from the widespread consumption of butter to “more healthy” margarine is a study in poor scientific methodology and the opportunism that followed in the wake of a major mistake. It all began in 1957 when Aneel Keys, a leading US nutritionist, announced his findings about the link between saturated fats and heart disease. Aneel had based his research upon a ridiculously small sample of just six countries when there was actually data available for a sample four times that size. (more…)