Certificate in Nutrition Farming®

Knowledge is empowerment – this leading sustainable agriculture course has enlightened thousands of trainees globally over 18 years.
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Transform your farming.

The Certificate in Nutrition Farming® is essential training for food producers seeking a more profitable, productive and regenerative approach to farming. This nationally-recognised qualification teaches innovative, cutting-edge strategies to improve the health of your farm, your garden, your planet and yourself.

Thousands of farmers, consultants, health professionals and home food producers around the world have benefited from this training, including The Dole Corporation (largest food producers in the world), Lộc Trời Group (Vietnam ag giants) and the Woolworths supermarket chain (540 stores across South Africa).

The Certificate in Nutrition Farming® involves a 300-page manual and five online exams covering Mineral Management, Microbe Management, Plant Management, Pest Management and Human Health Management. At the completion of the training and exams, attendees receive a Certificate that has become a sought-after, CV-worthy qualification across the globe.

  • Mineral Management

    In this module, you will discover the key factors and ratios that will turn your soil test into an invaluable guideline for action. We have identified six key mineral ratios that determine production and profitability. Your progress involves gradually improving these ratios. You will understand the critical importance of calcium, the trucker of all minerals and the significance of the calcium synergists, silica and boron.

    NPK management is considered in-depth to ensure maximum efficiency and sustainability with these core inputs. The roles, relationships and appropriate inputs of sulfur and magnesium are explained and the multiple benefits of trace mineral nutrition are comprehensively detailed.

    This module also features presentations highlighting the relationship between key minerals and your own personal health and longevity.

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  • Plant Management

    This module focuses on the secrets of leaf testing, in-field monitoring and foliar fertilising to maximise both resilience and production.

    At this point, we are evaluating our mineral and microbe management and effectively asking the plant what it wants. Here, you will become aware of "the big four" minerals that should be maintained at luxury levels on a leaf test in order to boost quality and yield. You will understand the benefits and mechanics of seed treatment and liquid injection at planting. The timing, interpretation and nutrient relationships associated with leaf testing will be considered in depth. You will also gain an understanding of natural plant growth promotants and core biological inputs such as humic acid, fulvic acid and kelp.

    This segment will also feature a presentation covering the links between agriculture and global warming and the profound impact farmers can make. In fact, farmers can literally save the day.

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  • Pest Management

    Here, you will discover the link between plant brix, sap pH values and crop resilience. You will understand the concept of "defensive feeding", where nutrition determines pest pressure.

    In this module, there is a focus upon IPM, biological inoculums and other protective strategies to reduce your requirement for chemicals. Sustainable weed management strategies are discussed in depth and botanical extracts are evaluated for their pest management contribution. Management options for the world's most destructive pest, the root knot nematode, will be thoroughly analysed. There is also a fascinating presentation in this module covering multiple anecdotes chronicling the progress and experiences of previous graduates of this course.

    Graduates of the certificate course become members of the Nutrition Farming® Network, a rapidly growing, international body of advanced farmers who can share results and group problem-solve. This group also receives a weekly blog from NTS CEO, Graeme Sait, updating new findings in soil health, human health and planetary health.

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  • Microbe Management

    This module represents the essence of the biologically-based Nutrition Farming® approach. Here, you will discover the fascinating world of the hidden workforce that often determines the profitability of your farming enterprise.

    You will learn the importance of maintaining biological balance in the soil foodweb to increase the efficiency of fertilisers and reduce the need for increasingly expensive farm chemicals. You will understand the many benefits of microbial inoculums and you will acquire the relevant production techniques for these inexpensive, living fertilisers. You will also acquire invaluable knowledge about composting, soil-life protection and the inputs that feed and nurture your microbe workforce.

    Most importantly, however, you will come to comprehend the importance of humus in your farming operation. You will discover why building humus may be your greatest profit-enhancing strategy and you will discover how to increase all-important organic matter in your soils.

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  • Human Health Management

    In a truly holistic approach, the health of the farmer is surely as important as the health of the farm. This course includes comprehensive coverage of multiple strategies to improve the health, happiness and longevity of food producers, the most important people on the planet.

    You will discover the power of probiotics and the links between digestion and disease. You will receive a report card on your health, based on various health monitoring strategies utilised in the course. In a three-hour segment entitled "Reclaiming Wellness", the dynamics of longevity are detailed.

    This module also covers philosophical and emotional issues impacting many of us. Relaxation strategies are discussed and concepts like positive thinking, meditation and "living in the moment" are explored. This is the module that really drives home the links between food production and the health of all of us, and it tends to personalise this story and prompt improvement on all levels.

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