The NTS School Garden Challenge

NTS proudly supports the work done by teachers, parents and community groups in establishing and maintaining school gardens. Teachers and parents now have a greater understanding of the many benefits children gain from immersion in school gardens.

AT NTS, our aim is to improve the quality of the food that sustains us all. We believe the future of agriculture lies in the hands of this next generation and through their education we can build a healthier and more sustainable agricultural industry.

NTS offers the opportunity for schools to participate in the School Garden Challenge through designing and conducting a research project at your school.

We invite you to set up a crop trial using plants commonly grown in your area and in season. We discourage the use of pesticides so growing according to climate suitability and in season will be important to help make your trial more successful.

Please contact us for more information and get on board!


Congratulations to Star of the Sea School, Torquay, Hervey Bay on completing their School Garden Challenge. Teacher, Marg Blomeley says "Students in 4B have had some great fun and excitement being involved with this project, and we are hoping to continue our gardening with this Class." Check out their diary and photos here.

A number of other Sunshine Coast Schools have taken up our challenge to see the result of improved soil nutrition on growing vegetables. Welcome to Sunshine Coast Grammar and Tewantin State School. Tewantin started their garden a few weeks back so we look forward to seeing their results soon. There is a flurry of activity at Sunshine Coast Grammar with planting day coming up. Parents, teachers and of course the students are looking forward to some hard work, getting their hands dirty and planting out masses of vegetable seedlings. NTS has donated a bag of Nutri-Store Gold and container of Total Cover. We&'ll bring you their results in a few weeks time.


St. Mary's School in Maryborough is the first school to complete our School Garden Challenge, with students harvesting lettuce and beetroot this coming week. Teacher, Karen Jansen said the process and outcomes have been welcomed by students, teachers and parents. Teachers are particularly pleased how the NTS School Garden Challenge can easily be incorporated into the existing curriculum ensuring a practical learning environment, healthy outdoor activities and valuable lessons in nutrition for soil, plants and people.

The Year 3 children have kept a garden diary to share their results and photos! Click here to view.