Stock Saver Vet™

Stock Saver Vet™ is a humic and fulvic acid based stock food supplement containing chelated forms of copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, selenium and other micro-elements.

Its broad spectrum mineral nutrition helps support animal health and vitality. Fulvic acid is an electrolyte to create cellular balance while humic acid is a recognised digestive aid that promotes a healthy gut microflora in animals, birds and fish. Stock Saver Vet™ also has powerful detox properties which helps improve appetite and health. Kelp helps deliver broad spectrum support in this new improved formula.


  • Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) Registered Product 456AI.
  • Promotes a healthy intestinal microflora.
  • Helps bind and dispose of heavy metal toxins.
  • Maintains a healthy immune system and supports natural defences.
  • Provides broad spectrum mineralisation.
  • Includes kelp.

Customer Report

Kerry has been supplementing her 28 (almost 29) year old stallion with Stock Saver Vet™. She gives him a heaped dessert spoon every morning with his feed. Prior to this if she gave him Lucerne that was too fresh he suffered from scours. Now that she is supplementing with Stock Saver Vet™ she can feed him anything and he doesn’t get scours, and he keeps weight on easily.

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