Life Force® Base Blend

A living fertiliser to restore productive life to unproductive soils.

This blend provides three microbe-supportive, natural fertilisers, which serve as a home base and breeding medium for an inoculum of task specific microbes. Soft rock phosphate, Nutri-Mate Organic Humates™ and paramagnetic basalt are combined prior to an inoculation of Nutri-Life 4/20™ (a blend of beneficial microbes).

The synergy between these four components involves the following: The insoluble calcium, phosphate and trace elements in soft rock phosphate and the water-retaining clay that this material comprises, act as a food and home base for the microbes, which, in turn, solubilise the phosphate component. The organic carbon in the humates also houses the beneficials, which solubilise the insoluble humic acid found in the humates. Finally, the paramagnetism of the basalt facilitates more vigorous cell division of microbes, which, in turn, solubilise the insoluble minerals in the basalt. The end result is a living fertiliser, which has proven tremendously effective in the field.


  • Improve soil structure.
  • Increase beneficial soil life activity.
  • Build organic carbon levels.
  • Improve biological balance with all of the associated benefits.
  • Improve yield and crop quality.