NTS Micronised Guano WP™

Plant available calcium and phosphate, together in a single, high-analysis wettable powder, is not normally a possibility. Fossilised seabird droppings offer a combination of soluble and slow-release phosphate in combination with dense mineralisation.

A high-analysis source of micronised guano. Calcium and phosphorus are the two principle elements involved in cell division and plant sugar production respectively, but it is not normally possible to combine them in a single fertiliser due to their incompatibility. NTS Micronised Guano WP ™ represents a rare fusion of these two elements in a plant available form.


  • Biological farmers of Australia (BFA) Registered Product - Allowed Input 456AI.
  • Can be used in D.Y.I liquid formulations.
  • A rare and unique source of organic phosphate extremely low in heavy metals.
  • Contains high levels of calcium. Calcium and phosphorus are the governors of plant health and high brix levels.
  • Soluble calcium and phosphate are normally incompatible in ionic form, but not in micronised, colloidal form.
  • The combination of plant-available calcium and phosphate generates tremendous energy in the soil.
  • The mineral component can become plant available within days.
  • Far more compatible with other inputs compared with MAP/DAP or calcium nitrate.
  • Particularly applicable when nitrogen is not required in conjunction with calcium or phosphorus, i.e. MAP, DAP, calcium nitrate, etc.

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