A honeycomb-structured mineral with phenomenal surface area to facilitate nutrient and moisture storage.

Zeo-Tech™ is a volcanic zeolite that acts as a super-sponge for long term water and nutrient retention. Zeolites are unique in their capacity to exchange cations and lose and gain water without any change in structure – they can exchange and store all positively charged cations, but have a particular affinity for ammonium nitrogen and potassium. The tremendous surface area is also ideal as a home base for biology, offering protective refuge for beneficial microbes.


  • ACO certified version available (one tonne minimum buy).
  • Stabilise and enhance ammonium nitrogen and potassium availability.
  • Increase soil CEC.
  • Increase water retaining capacity.
  • Can be combined directly with fertilisers.
  • Reduce excess soil nutrient and heavy metal toxicity.
  • Buffer excess sodium.
  • Buffer soil acidity.
  • Relieve ammonium toxicity in animals.
  • Absorb problem liquids and odours in stockyards.
  • Many handy uses around the farm and home, including odour absorption, stain removal and oil spill neutralisation.
  • Paint smells can be absorbed with a cup of zeolite placed in the room.
  • Zeolite makes a far better base material for swimming pool filtration systems than sand.