Jerry Brunetti

Sustainable Soils and Stock Health

Charismatic American nutrition consultant, Jerry Brunetti, is internationally renowned for his presentations on holistic stock health. Jerry is the founder and managing director of Agri-Dynamics, Inc and he is a leading formulator of animal supplements, remedies and biological fertilisers. In this stimulating four-hour seminar Jerry debunks a series of nutrition myths and provides invaluable practical guidelines for improved animal and soil health.

The Program Features:

  • Rumen Ecology - Digestion is everything.
  • The N Question - ‘True’ Protein vs ‘Funny’ Protein
  • Acid/Alkaline Balance - A major issue.
  • Mineral Nutrition - Macro- and micro-elements and stock health.
  • Forage Diversity - Hedgerows, trees, herbs and perennials.
  • Parasites - a farm, not an animal issue.
  • The Fungi Factor - Moulds and mycotoxins.
  • Understanding Illness - treating individual livestock ailments - mastitis, reproduction problems, Pink Eye, scours, pneumonia, bloat, milk fever, ketosis and footrot.
  • Utilising Data - Interpreting forage tests.
  • Soil Secrets - the principles of soil balance.
  • Microbes - the soil foodweb.
  • The Carbon Connection - humus building
  • Enzymes - food - digestive and metabolic

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