Graeme Sait

1. Mastering Mental Wellness

2. Reclaiming Forgotten Flavours

Graeme Sait is the co-founder and CEO of Nutri-Tech Solutions (NTS) - a world leader in soil, animal and human health. He is the author of hundreds of published articles and an internationally acclaimed book entitled “Nutrition Rules!”. Graeme is the radiance organiser and his passionate presentations are the essence of the radiance mission to educate, entertain and inspire.

Mastering Mental Wellness - How to avoid memory decline, depression and disease while building a better brain.

<>General Practitioners report that an astonishing seven out of every 10 adult Australians complain of depression during doctor's visits. Age-related neurodegeneration (ARN) is the 4th most common course of adult death. Radiance favourite, Graeme Sait, looks at what's happening to our brains and offers guidelines to overcome or avoid brain-related problems. From autism, ADD and eating disorders in children to stress, hormone imbalance and inflammation in adults, Graeme reveals root causes and highlights proven solutions to help avoid the misery and mayhem. This keynote presentation also includes tips to improve mood and build I.Q.

Reclaming Forgotten Flavours - How to grow your own superb, chemical-free medicinal food.

If you have ever grown your own food or plan such a venture then you need to attend this information-packed workshop. Graeme Sait is a world leader in the sustainable production of nutrient-dense food and he will share all of the latest, cutting-edge techniques in an easily-understood format designed specifically for the home gardener. You will discover our critical need for plant-derived minerals, anti-oxidants, phytonutrients and vitamins, derived from food grown without chemical intervention. The workshop will provide tips for building soil fertility, monitoring your progress, chemical-free pest and weed control, replenishing your microbial workforce, key fruit and vegetables to grow, humates in the home garden, composting tips and gardening as a longevity tool. If you aren't already a gardener then perhaps it's time to become one. Don't miss this presentation!

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