Graeme Sait

The Art of Detox - Dumping The Junk

Author/Educator and Radiance organiser Graeme Sait tours the world speaking about the links between nutrition and disease in the soil, in animals and in humans. His company, Nutri-Tech Solutions, is widely regarded as a world leader in sustainable agriculture and his book Nutrition Rules! has been internationally acclaimed.

In this presentation, Graeme details the horror show that is our toxin-drenched world. 74,000 registered chemicals and their un-researched cocktails form part of an absurd catalogue of pollutants, many of which our bodies were never designed to handle. The good news is that there are highly effective strategies to neutralise or overcome this toxic tide and seven of the best are detailed here.

"The Art of Detox - The Joy of Junk Dumping" features:

  • The toxic footprint of modern man.
  • Toxins from the outside - heavy metals, dioxins, plastics.
  • Home sick home.
  • Toxins from within - parasites, candida.
  • Homocysteine - the silent killer.
  • Endocrine disruptors and their legacy.
  • The three day juice fast.
  • The detox cocktail.
  • The colon cleanse.
  • The vitamin C purge.
  • The citrus flush.
  • The liver cleanse.

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