Graeme Sait

The Sait Sessions -  Part 3

Consultant Graeme Sait is an internationally renowned speaker and author of “Nutrition Rules!” - a popular guidebook for improving both soil health and human health. In this double presentation he addresses two of the most critically important issues facing the planet in century 21 and offers a much-needed strategy to deal with this crisis.

The Cruel Winds of Change

Climate change is here and it’s biting hard! What can we do to soften the impact of this man-made disaster? Graeme Sait offers a practical game plan to help minimise the greenhouse gases via sequestration of carbon (as humus) and improved nitrogen management. Agriculture can easily account for over 50% of the required cutback in CO2 emissions and a large reduction in nitrous oxide emissions can also be achieved without sacrifice.

Profitability without Petrochemicals

Peak oil is almost here and the last half of this non-renewable resource will disappear much more rapidly than the first half. Commodity prices have always risen rapidly and continue to rise and rise, whenever the halfway point has been reached, and oil is no exception. What will we do when diesel, fertiliser and farm chemicals are all based on petrochemicals? Graeme Sait reveals a host of tricks to reduce your reliance upon petrochemicals. Working with nature rather than against her confers multiple benefits beyond the cost-saving aspects.

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