Dr. Jacqueline Boustany & Lionel Fifield

1. Mastering the Emotions

2. Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Dr. Jacqueline Boustany is a medical doctor with training in holistic, nutritional and emotional health. She is currently writing her first book on the subject of emotional mastering. Her aspiration is to help other health professionals with tools for emotional healing for themselves and their clients.

Lionel Fifield has coordinated and developed the Relaxation Centre of Queensland and its intensive and diverse education program since 1974. He is a powerful presenter who describes relaxation as the great forgotten art which, when understood, can bring the most remarkable changes in peoples lives.

Mastering the Emotions:

NSW holistic practitioner Dr Jacqueline Boustany (MBBS Dip Peads, MPH) discusses the fascinating science of electromagnetic energy in biological systems, particularly the human body. She graphically demonstrates how this energy effects our psychological, emotional and physical health. Discover the importance of nutrition in emotional health and gain life changing tools in emotional mastering.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety:

When we get stressed and anxious we are generally inclined to push on, hoping it will eventually disappear. However, without positive action we tend to build even more stress. We lose our sense of humour, forget to breathe and tend to do the very opposite of what we really need. “Mr Relaxation” Lionel Fifield offers a host of valuable tools for stress management.

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