Jerry Brunetti

My Battle with Cancer

Charismatic American nutrition consultant, Jerry Brunetti, is internationally renowned for his spell-binding, life-changing presentations on health and happiness. His successful treatment of his own life-threatening disease presents a poignant example of the potency of a holistic approach

"My Battle with Cancer" features:

  • The root causes of disease
  • Nutrition - foods to avoid, foods to embrace
  • Sugar - the white poison
  • Infection - parasites, viral load, candida, etc
  • Understanding the immune system
  • Hyper-immunised milk
  • Trauma - radiation, x-rays and mammograms
  • The power of anitoxidants
  • A tonic for T-cells
  • Botanical solutions
  • Jerry’s Poten-Tea
  • Stress - relationships, workplace, rest, recreation and meditation
  • The healing mindset.

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