Nutri-Mate Organic Humates

The life force from nutrient-dense prehistoric plants lives on in raw humates, lignite and leonardite.

These lignite-based humates from Victoria’s Latrobe Valley contain humic acid in slow-release form. Raw humates are recognised as the most effective of all soil conditioners, unique in comparison to the processed humates in that they still retain the insoluble humin fraction. Humins are where most of the dense mineralisation occurs. Nutri-Mate Organic Humates™ contain seventy minerals, many of which are lacking in our agricultural soils.


  • ACO certified version available (one tonne minimum buy).
  • Nutri-Mate™ has a very high Cation Exchange Capacity with an associated ability for nutrient and moisture retention.
  • Contains the highest organic carbon levels of any input. Organic carbon is the principle limiting factor in many soils.
  • Organic carbon is the home base for beneficial micro-organisms.
  • Delivers slow-release humic acid, at a price that equates to a few cents per litre.
  • Improves moisture retention and subsequently assists in drought protection.
  • Is a highly effective soil conditioner, largely due to its promotion of fungi which generate desirable crumb structure in the soil.
  • Raw humates are a powerful fungi promotant. The amino acids and complex carbohydrates comprise perfect fungi food.
  • Offers all of the many benefits of humic acids, but these materials are trickle-fed over a two-year release pattern.