Microbe Culturing

The on-farm production of inexpensive microbial inoculums has become the keystone of low input biological agriculture. There is no more cost effective strategy than the addiction of a potent new, task-specific workforce for just a few dollars per hectare. NTS has pioneered low cost microbe brewing technology and they are the first company in the world to develop an additive (Dominate™) which ensures maximum numbers of either beneficial bacterial or beneficial fungi. It has previously been a difficult challenge to achieve fungal domination during microbe brewing. Dominate™ has effectively solved this problem.

LMF™ (Liquid Microbe Food) Dominate-F™ Dominate-B™
Air Stones & Pipe Set™ Brewstar 1000™ Brewstar 2500 Assembly™
Compost Tea Spear Kit™ NTS Tank Heater™ Microbe Brewing Guide