NTS Dissolved Oxygen Meterâ„¢

As microbes subdivide every twenty minutes, they become increasingly oxygen starved. The supply of sufficient oxygen during the brewing process is critical.

The Dissolved Oxygen Meter is an essential instrument for the serious microbe brewer. The level of dissolved oxygen in the solution seriously affects the quality and diversity of any brew. The vast majority of beneficial fungi and bacteria are obligate aerobes (they need oxygen to live) and it has been determined that 5 ppm is the minimum threshold level of dissolved oxygen necessary for an aerobic brew. Food, temperature, altitude and population all impact on the level of dissolved oxygen in the solution. This tool provides a fast, easy and accurate way to measure the dissolved oxygen of the brew.


  • The unit can be used to assess dissolved oxygen in a wide range of solutions.
  • It can also be used to assess oxygen levels in CA (controlled atmosphere) storage facilities.

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