Available for Sale in New Zealand Only.

Plant available calcium and phosphate, together in a single, high-analysis product, is not normally a possibility. The non-ionic nature of MMS products allows this highly productive combination.

A high-analysis source of micronised rock phosphate combined in a free-flowing suspension with fulvic acid. Calcium and phosphate are the two principle elements involved in photosynthesis and plant sugar production but it is not normally possible to combine them in a single fertiliser due to their incompatibility. Cal-Phos-Life™ represents a rare fusion of these two elements in a plant available form.


  • A rare and unique source of organic liquid phosphate with no excess of heavy metals.
  • Also contains high levels of calcium. Calcium and phosphate are the governors of plant health and high brix levels.
  • Soluble calcium and phosphate are normally incompatible in ionic form, but not in micronised, colloidal form.
  • The combination of plant-available calcium and phosphate generates tremendous energy in the soil.
  • Cal-Phos-Life™ also contains a rich lode of trace elements, including good levels of zinc.
  • The mineral component can become plant available within days.
  • Far more compatible with other inputs compared with MAP/DAP or calcium nitrate.
  • Particularly applicable when nitrogen or phosphates are not required in conjunction with calcium, i.e. MAP, DAP, calcium nitrate, etc.
  • Easy convenient application.

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