Some testimonials from past course attendees:

“The most important information that I’ve ever learnt. I wish I had done this years ago”.
Richard Suan – Perth

"What a kick up the butt! I now have the tools to put everything in to practice – What an exciting future."
- Donna Hudson

"The course I have attended has been extremely, intensively, interesting, informative and revealing. I am grateful for the opportunity to have attended such a fabulous series of presentations. Thank you very much!"
- Linda Brook-Franklin

"The course far exceeded my expectations. The human health element was very informative and I am sure I will (and my wife) live a lot longer armed with this knowledge."
- Martin Hamilton

This course has brought together all the information I have gained over the years from my science degree to permaculture courses, reading various organic farming & gardening publications and nutrition information. This course has given me the confidence to put it into action! I feel it has now been validated, coming from such a well educated man, I can't wait to put all this information into practice on my 2 acre market garden, as I have been disappointed with the produce grown using my methods to date. My customers can look forward to not only organic but nutrient dense food! Thank you!"
- Melissa Perkins

"Great course. I've been leaning towards biological farming but now I'm convinced. There are biological solutions to nearly every problem. Jam packed with information which made my head spin but the manuals cover it all."
– Laurie Smith

"I am new to agriculture and was apprehensive before attending. However, with an open mind I found the content very easy to understand. My next challenge is to apply that content in a practical way."
– Ken Otte

"This is brilliant. I'm so glad to have found people who think along the same lines as me. The course is great and Graeme shares so much with us all so freely."
– Rashida Khan

"If this works it will be like the "Industrial Revolution". We can call it the "Green Revolution". We are 1.5 years into changing our dairy farm around and see already some tremendous changes for the better."
– Willy Leferink

"Thank you to all at NTS. I have enjoyed the seminar even more then I anticipated. I have gone from being totally ignorant and closed minded to the possibilities of growing in a sustainable way, to feeling excited and looking forward to the future and to bringing our farm back to health. Well done!"
– Karlene Oliveri

"Fantastic course. As a conventional farmer and agronomist,  I am searching for knowledge. Graeme Sait has provided a platform that delivers knowledge from the soil to the plant, to our animals and then to us. It should be made compulsory for all young people to fast track the change that we need from our “fast food society” to a slow nutritious world."
- Damien Timbs – Coonabarabran

“The most comprehensive course related to agriculture that I have attended. How amazing to be able to go home and understand the natural system that we live and work with. The human health module is alarming but inspiring. Can’t wait to come back a third time”.
Lock Rogers



I travelled half way around the globe just for this course and I must admit that several weeks beforehand, I would find myself wondering whether I was doing the right thing coming to attend a series of lectures in a industrial unit in Yandina, Australia.

Well I can unashamedly say I was right in doing so, 21 hours of airflight was worth every minute, and the dodgy airline meal that I had to endure to get there. The standard of lectures was second to none and the knowledge imparted was relevant, technical and above all practical. My fellow delegates were open, friendly and thoughtful. The combination of the 2 gave me a renewed interest in agriculture.

I came on this course because of several factors...

The first: after purchasing my spring applied pesticides all at one go, one year I realised I was no longer farming , I was effectively a chemical applier working on a cost plus basis.

The second, we are constantly being told that this chemical no longer works due to resistance, etc Will they run out?

The third: Organic wont feed the world.

So I started looking for something different, "Nutrition rules" was my first point of call and then everything else fell into place.

There is an alternative option "The Third Way" in farming, and horticulture. Biological Farming.



Having completed the four-day Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture Course with Nutri-Tech Solutions, I can fully understand why Graeme Sait and his team are amongst the world leaders in biological farming. The critical links governing the health of soils, plants, animals and humans were examined in detail. The structure of the course was excellent with progressive studies of the factors influencing these inter-relationships being undertaken in detail. In fact, the mass of information from the course was enormous, making the two course manuals vital sources of information for years to come.

There is no question that to ensure our future survival, we must all embrace the principles of biological farming. I cannot think of a better way for people associated with primary industries or human health to gain a comprehensive oversight and understanding of the ways in which we should be working with Nature, and not against Her, than by completing the Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture.

- Philip Jones, November 2009



In 2005 Geoff attended the NTS Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture. Over the four days of the course he discovered new strategies to build his productivity and profitability with a biological approach. An NTS agronomist designed an appropriate nutrition program and Geoff applied his first Personal Prescription Blend™ in early 2006. The Personal Prescription Blend™ contained a high-carbon base combined with all of the minerals needed to balance his soil according to his soil test. The Bugdens were still a little hesitant with the new approach so they decided to apply only half of the recommendation. This decision was also based upon their concern about flooding and subsequent washaway of the product so in this case it was a good

2006 was an "on year", so the farm was expected to produce approximately 10 tonnes of pecans. However, the Bugdens were pleasantly surprised to achieve 14 tonnes with their new biological regime. They could only imagine what may have been produced if they had applied the full recommendations. 2007 was even more of a surprise at Wilson River Pecans. This was considered an "off" year with normal productivity expected at around 8 tonnes of nuts. This year the other half of the Personal Prescription Blend™ was applied and the farm produced 20 tonnes – 12 tonnes more than standard "off" years! Unfortunately, a severe hail storm, late in 2007, decimated the Bugden’s entire crop - a crop that had been conservatively estimated at 30 tonnes. The trees are recovering well and next year the Bugden’s are expecting even greater yields.

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