Dairy Pasture

Nutrition Farming® is the future of sustainable dairy production; growing nutrient-dense pastures, improving herd health & milk solid yields, and creating quality soils to support the pastures and the herd without toxic chemicals.

Nutrition Farming® Dairy Pasture Guidelines

NTS has devised key Nutrition Farming® strategies for dairy production that include:

  • Precision Nutrition™ – Crop monitoring techniques that allow optimum fertiliser applications, resulting in less inputs and lower costs of production.
  • Techniques to optimise fast-release fertilisers, such as MAP, DAP, super and urea. These techniques reduce environmental issues such as leaching, without compromising production.
  • Animal health products to maintain a high level of herd health.
  • Cost-effective foliar sprays to optimise performance of fodder crops and pastures.
  • Soil Therapy™ and Plant Therapy™ services backed up by qualified agronomists

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