Soluble source of N-P-K plus Calcium.

When calcium and phosphate are combined, an insoluble compound called tri-calcium phosphate is the usual result. In this breakthrough product, NTS have overcome the insolubility barrier, utilising advanced fusion technology to stabilise these incompatibles in a fully soluble form. The result is a powerful, phosphate-based liquid fertiliser with excellent brix-building capacity. Phos-Force™ also contains nitrogen and potassium to offer a balanced package of the most productive chemical quartet in agriculture.


  • Exceptional brix-building capacity.
  • Enhances calcium and phosphate utilisation.
  • Improved photosynthesis.
  • Improved & earlier root development.
  • Promotes vigour and plant health.
  • Improves taste and shelf-life.
  • Increases protein and dry matter.
  • High performance N-P-K + Ca formulation designed for foliar fertilising.