NTS are the world leaders in sustainable farming. The company has developed over 300 products applicable to a huge range of diverse crops.

The NTS range combines cutting-edge technology with proven biological 'essentials' and is now exported to over 40 countries. Farmers are educated to utilise a variety of in-field monitoring tools, along with conventional soil and leaf tests to maximise productivity, crop quality and profitability.

While NTS currently offer over 50 ACO Certified products for organic agriculture, the majority of our 15,000 Australian clients are conventional farmers seeking to increase their efficiency and sustainability. The uniquely formulated NTS foliar fertiliser range complements an emphasis on soil life stimulation, which includes composted fertilisers, microbial inoculums and powerhouse bio-promotants. Three particular biological products have now virtually become 'commodity' products in conventional agriculture, as growers have discovered their remarkable attributes. These products include kelp, humic acid and fulvic acid, which provide plant growth promotion, the magnification and stabilisation of fertilisers and potent stimulation of beneficial soil life. NTS has specialised in these three inputs and offers a comprehensive range of high performance, cost-effective options.

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